New Fashion Design for 7 Wire Steel Strand For Prestressed Concrete

12.7mm pe coated pc strand is suitable for large-span and large bays cast-in place concrete floor,large load of precast beams and other special structure,it has the characteristics of no need of room for future expansion and grout,convenient use,material saved and bended easy.


Main executive standards: GB/T5224, ASTMA416, BS5896, JIS3536, ISO6934, EN10138 or as per the technology agreement decided by both sides after negotiation.

Feature 12.7mm pe coated pc strand
Coil Size Inner Diameter:760mm
Out Dia.: <1400mm
Coil Width:760mm
Length 9.53mm–54.84 Kg/Km
Raw material 82B


Nominal Diameter (mm) Tensile grade (Mpa) Cross section area (mm2) Grease weight per meter (g/m) Thickness of plastic (mm) Frictional coefficient of side wall Influence coefficient



98.70 43  









15.20 140.00 50
15.24 140.00 50
15.70 150.00 53

Post time: Sep-16-2019
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